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Why Homeowners are Great for Cable Marketing

Creating loyal customers in the competitive cable market, is critical to long-term success. The more information you have about your prospects, the better your chances of converting them into loyal customers.

Homeowners are the perfect target audience for cable providers for a few reasons. The first is that people who own homes are more likely to invest in making that home a sanctuary—including having amenities such as premium cable and internet service.

The second is that homeowners often have young children, pre-teens, and teenagers—and that means frequent need to upgrade services. For example, households with school-aged children may want special programming and high-speed internet. Homes with teenagers are perfect for marketing video and high-speed internet (they are the number one user of online video games). And college students want internet, cable, telephone, and whatever technologies that are on the horizon.

A homeowners list will give you the information you need to create loyal customers. You can include the age of children, household income, homeowner, home value, length of residence, and more—all information that will help you understand your prospects and sell them the specific cable services they need.

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