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Qualified Mortgage Leads are the lifeblood of every successful Mortgage Broker.

With over 24 years of providing Mortgage Lead data, Mailing Lists Direct has the background and experience to supply you with quality Mortgage Leads that will produce results. Our lists can help you help you get in touch with the best fitting leads for your organization and give an idea of which leads best fit your target market.

Our Mortgage Lead Generation is sourced from a file of over 62 million Homeowners. All Telephone numbers are DNC compliant. The files contain demographic information on almost every homeowner in the nation. You won’t find more complete or accurate information on homeowners by name and age, mortgage and credit attributes, lifestyle interests, purchase behavior and ethnicity along with a wealth of financial-related data. We continuously utilize USPS processing routines to give you the most complete and up-to-date information available.

Whether you’re looking for local, regional or nationwide prospects, our suite of Mortgage Leads will provide the results you’re looking to achieve.

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Mortgage Leads FAQ

Buying mortgage leads help mortgage brokers get the highest quality leads. Data companies do this by combining over 100 different properties and individual-related data properties, to produce high-quality leads.

Mortgage leads can be gathered through a number of different channels. They can grow their internal database through homeowners reaching out to them whether it is through a phone call or reach out on a website. But, companies looking to increase their overall leads and get customers to reach out, will typically purchase mortgage leads through a 3rd party data company. They have found that leads generated by 3rd party data companies, have a high value and chance of making money off the leads. The leads are given to the a Mortage Comany are typically sent in a CSV document.

We offer a wide range of Mortgage Lead options to satisfy the needs of all of our clients:

Compiled Mortgage Database
Exact Credit Database
Reverse Mortgage Leads

VA Loans
High Interest Rate Loans
Adjustable Rate Loans

Compiled Mortgage Database

Click Here to search our nationwide mortgage database now! Our file contains criteria such as:

  • Home Sale Amount
  • Mortgage Loan Type
  • Mortgage Loan Amount
  • Adjustable Interest Rate
  • Mortgage Interest Rate
  • Term of Mortgage
  • Loan to Value
  • Lender Code/Name
  • Subprime Lender
  • Mortgage Credit Line
  • Motgage Estimated Equity
  • Mortgage Est. Mntly Pymt
  • Home Purchase Type
  • Refinance
  • Construction Loan
  • Lender Type
  • Estimated Loan Balance
  • Year Home Built
  • Purchase Date (recorded)
  • Refinance Date (recorded)
  • 2nd Mortgage Date (recorded)
  • Condominium
  • Home Land Value
  • Home Imprvmnt Value
  • Home Assessed Value
  • Plus more!

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Exact Credit Database

Receive exact credit score information on potential Mortgage Leads directly from the Credit Bureau. This information is processed daily for the most exact data available. Choose from the following criteria:

  • Credit Score
  • Length of Residence
  • How Long been in Mortgage
  • Number of Open Credit Lines
  • Refinance Dates
  • First Mortgage Amount
  • Second Mortgage Amount
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Installment Debt
  • Loan To Value
  • Mortgage Payment
  • Homeowner Present
  • Mortgage Present
  • Mortgage Type
  • Chapter 13 Filed
  • Chapter 13 Discharged
  • Chapter 7 Filed
  • Chapter 7 Discharged
  • Student Loans

Reverse Mortgage Leads

Working with the largest nationally compiled U.S. Deed aggregator, Mailing Lists Direct provides the most accurate Reverse Mortgage leads on the market. Our file enables mortgage brokers and lenders to help Seniors access the equity in their home and provide monthly cash flow without acquiring additional debt.

With Alesco’s Reverse Mortgage Leads you can reach every homeowner in the country who is eligible for this type of loan. Our Reverse Mortgage Leads are sourced from a file of over 60 million households. The file contains demographic information on almost every homeowner in the nation.

Whether you’re looking for local, regional or nationwide prospects, our Reverse Mortgage Leads will provide the results you’re looking to achieve.

Foreclosures Database

Our Foreclosure Database gives you access to homeowners who are in default on their mortgage. The file is divided into 2 subsets:

  1. Those who have received a notice of default or a court ordered default (NOD);
  2. Those who have received notice that their residence is going to be auctioned by the County Government (NTS).

This file is great for re-financing, loan modification, real estate agents, stop loss mitigation, auctioneers and debt counselors. Compiled from approximately 1500 County Courthouses.

VA Loans

VA Mortgage interest rates are at historically low rates and they’re the only loan type still available for 100% Financing. Pinpoint your best VA loan prospects by targeting borrowers whose origination dates were during peak interest rate periods. Database includes over 200 mortgage and demographic selections for increased targeting capabilities.

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