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Donators of Religious Affiliations Mailing List

Target Religious Affiliated Donators and Volunteers

The Donators of Religious Affiliations Mailing List allows you to reach individuals who make religious donations to their church or other religious institutions.

These individuals have deep faith in their spirituality and are generous when it comes to making donations to their religion of choice. They may be Catholics, Protestants, Christians, Buddhists, Islamic, Hindus, Mormon, or Judaist. These religious donators make contributions to support their synagogues, churches, temples, mosques, monasteries, or other house of worship. These individuals not only make monetary donations, but volunteer their time with functions and activities sponsored by their place of worship. They attend prayer meetings, Bible studies, and Sunday schools. These individuals purchase rosaries, clothing, Bibles, religious artwork, religious décor, religious jewelry, candles, incense, altars, and books.

Purchasers of the Donators of Religious Affiliations Mailing List would include religious magazines and book manufacturers, jewelry manufacturers, home décor providers, religious groups and membership associations, clothing stores, department stores, retailer outlets, and religious charities or foundations.

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