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Using Business Mailing Lists to Drive Leads

Finding new business leads can be a tricky process, whether you are relying on yourself, your marketing team, or your sales team to determine “who” should be your next prospect. In addition to the complications of determining “who” qualifies as a potential prospect, this process could easily be abridged. Business mailing lists, deliver you quality leads to supplement your marketing efforts. These lists save your company time from doing research and are delivered at an affordable price.

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What Businesses Should Use B2B Mailing Lists

B2B mailing lists should be used by all businesses that work with or provide services to other businesses. Mailing lists are perfect for those whose business solutions are niche to just a few businesses and are perfect for those whose solution is universal to all businesses. For those targeting a niche market, business lists allow you to reach those exact businesses at an affordable price, through either email or direct mail. Mailing lists also provide businesses offering a universal solution, the opportunity to reach a very wide range of businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Most popular business:

  • Marketing Agencies – Many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agencies will use email marketing to attract new customers, with the promise of increasing their organic search engine rankings.
  • SAAS Companies – As technology evolves and more jobs are outsourced to software companies, we have seen a rise in SAAS (Software as a service) companies using mailing lists.
  • Consultancies – It’s more common that consultants will use a variety of mailing list techniques, to try and land larger clients either for single projects or continual consultancy.
  • Accountants – Right before tax season officially launches, a large influx of postcards and emails are sent out from accounting firms looking to grow their business.
  • Office Supply Companies – Catalogs of office supplies, are sent directly to start-ups in hopes of earning their business right from the start.

Which Business Mailing Lists, Work Best

Of course, the success of a mailing list doesn’t solely rest on the list itself, but also on the content being distributed. With that being said, there are a number of great lists that demonstrate higher returns and are more applicable to businesses. First, we have lists that are drilled down by SIC Codes, these lists work great for niche solutions that are specific to an industry. For example, cookware companies will want to send to SIC Codes that are hotels, restaurants, and caterers. Next are the new business lists, which target new businesses owners in their “start-up” phase. This is particularly useful, in that new businesses tend to spend a lot and need a lot within their first few months of doing business. Finally, the business executives list, which allows your companies message to be seen by the biggest decision-makers in the company.

What Messages and Offers Are Driving Leads

What you say to your audience, is just as important as who you are saying it to. having the wrong message or one that doesn’t speak to your audience, can cause a company to lose out on potential clients. No matter what message you select, make sure it is clear to your audience what action you would like for them to take (ie. Call, Email, Visit your website, etc. ).

Popular and Effective Messages:

  • “Call today and receive __ off your first purchase”
  • “Reply to this email and we’ll schedule your free consultation”
  • “Get your free 3-month trial, simply sign up on our website”

Reconnect With Your Current Customers and Leads

Mailing list companies can go beyond finding you new leads, by helping you reconnect with your old leads. Appending data services can deliver you updated addresses, email addresses and can even help you find contact replacements (new hires). Reaching out to previous customers typically leads to a higher response rate than reaching out to new prospects. Making appends and data hygiene an important part of your outreach strategy.

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