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Meet the Mailing Lists Direct Team

sample-team-member-thumb Michael Sklorenko CEO

sample-team-member-thumb Paul Theriot President

f-snyder-team-member-thumb Felicia Snyder
VP of Sales

a-trivette-team-member-thumb Angie Trivette Senior Sales Executive

k-mcgrath-team-member-thumb Kristen McGrath Senior Sales Executive

c-warren-team-member-thumb Collins Warren
Sales Executive

sample-team-member-thumb Natasha Rever
Sales Executive

d-hodges-team-member-thumb Donny Hodges
Sales Executive

sample-team-member-thumb Natalie Johnson
Account Manager

l-valyo-team-member-thumb Linda Valyo
Sales Executive

sample-team-member-thumb Dawn Hudik
Senior Project Manager

k-organo-team-member-thumb Karin Organo
Project Manager

sample-team-member-thumb Jessica Burt
Project Manager

Kathi Gensel
Project Manager

sample-team-member-thumb Daniela Matasa Accounting

sample-team-member-thumb Lauren Cento
Project Manager

Amanda Paul
Director of Marketing

Joshua Kuchar
Marketing Manager

sample-team-member-thumb Lillian Collazo Reception/Accounting

sample-team-member-thumb Catherine Pace

Trevor Wightman
Director of Business Systems & Data Analytics

Nathan Randall
Account Manager

sample-team-member-thumb Krystal Lopes
Project Manager

sample-team-member-thumb David Delli Paoli Project Manager

sample-team-member-thumb Erika Dewolf
Project Manager