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The Marketing Potential of New Homeowner Mailing Lists

The Marketing Potential of New Homeowner Mailing Lists

Every year, 6 to 10 million people buy a new home. That is good news for local businesses because new homeowners spend an average of 8–10 times more than an established resident over a two-year period. New homeowners not only need services like cable and telephone or house painters, they want to find their new hair salon, mechanic, dry cleaner, gym, and favorite restaurant as quickly as possible. By purchasing a new homeowner mailing list, you can catch these customers at the point when they most want your services.

Benefits of Marketing to New Homeowners

The top three benefits of marketing to new homeowners are:

  1. New homeowners are stable—they’ve just made a huge commitment to the local community.
  2. They are creditworthy.
  3. They have an above-average income.

That means they not only need and want your products and services, but they also have the means to buy right now. And new home buyers spend more on regular household items than the average consumer.

Your New Homeowners Mailing List

How can you tap into this lucrative market? By buying or purchasing a new homeowner mailing list. That’s right—you can buy a list that is specific to people who have recently moved into your service area.

When selecting your new homeowner mailing list, there are three things you need to look for:

  1. A list compiled from property transfers, deed recordings, and other public records that specifically identify home sales.
  2. Lists that are move-updated monthly—you want to reach new homeowners within the first six months of their move, so it’s important to get a list that has been refreshed recently.
  3. The ability to add demographic selections such as dwelling type, gender, and household income to refine your list.

New homeowners have the potential to become your most loyal customers. By developing a direct mail campaign that caters the very things they most need after their move, you can be the business they choose.

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