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Why Companies are Going Back to Direct Mailers

For the last few years, email marketing data has been on the rise and at the forefront of new business marketing strategies. Now, emails are being used to the point that the consumer is overwhelmed with them. Whether they directly signed up for the list or not, they are receiving an abundance of emails daily. Also, with the rise of spam folders getting smarter and the consumer understanding how to unsubscribe. Companies today are turning away from email and back to direct mail pieces.

Why Companies Are Going Back To Direct Mailers

Less Clutter

Email boxes are getting cluttered with email subscriptions, daily email sends, and spam emails. However, fewer companies are sending out direct mail pieces to potential clients. This leaves a large window of opportunity for companies to advertise in less crowded advertising spaces. With less clutter, your brand has a high opportunity of seeing stronger response rates in direct mailers over digital advertising.

New Direct Mailer Designs

There are so many more options out there when it comes to direct mailer designs. Lately, companies are adding scratch-offs to their designs, they are designing the piece to look like it was personally mailed from an individual, and some even have little sound triggers that play a catchy jingle when opened. These creative alternatives are driving higher responses than the ordinary coupon send, bland envelope packaging, and the standard postcard.

Even catalogs today have found creative ways to use QR codes to increase the sales of their products. When traditionally the mail recipient would have to call about a product, they can now just scan the QR code and purchase the product directly on a company’s website.

Today's Data is More Accurate

Today’s targeting and selection for direct mailing data are better than ever. Whereas in the past purchasers of data were limited on time-sensitive sends. Today’s lists are updated so frequently, allowing for better targeting and more accurate data.

Companies now have the availability to target consumers after they have just moved, after a new business is started, newly engaged couples, and more. When these events happen, it’s important to be the first company to reach out to the individuals. By reaching out first, you have the highest chance of getting the sale over your competitors. Also, by going the direct mailer route rather than the digital advertising and email route, your message has a higher chance to stand out since the messaging channel you chose is less cluttered.

With today’s data, you can get more in-depth on the personalization of your direct mailers. Personalized mailers use to be as simple as just a first and last name, being addressed in the content of your direct mailer. However, today there are more options for companies looking to send direct mailers such as home prices, age, and gearing your messaging toward a person’s life event.

People Are Home More Today

Covid-19 has pushed more businesses to a work-from-home model. In doing so, this has increased the amount of time people are home. Also, the new “Gig” economy has more people working out of their homes than ever before. Whether they started an online business or created a business that operates out of their home. Either way, they are home more and are more susceptible to direct mail pieces.

Better Tracking

There used to be huge reliability in either direct mailers being brought in or the calls being tracked by monitoring systems. However, many direct mailers today include QR codes that lead directly to a product or service. QR codes are highly trusted, allow for website tracking, make it easier for the customer to purchase a product or schedule a service, and are easy for companies to generate.

Although we highly suggest the use of QR codes in direct mail pieces, it is still important to have a phone number on the piece. Some direct mail receivers are still more comfortable with making a phone call, rather than scanning a QR code.

No Unsubscribe Button

Unlike email marketing, direct mailers don’t have an unsubscribe button. Meaning your company can send as many direct mailers to one address as they want. This can have an advantage if you are really trying to target a select group of people, within a time frame of their life event (Got engaged, just moved, etc.). Unlike emails, where the recipient is being cluttered with the same message and creativity. A company looking to stand out will send direct mail pieces offering solutions to problems their target market is having, with little competition doing the same.

The Negatives

Although there any many positives to running direct mailer campaigns, there are still a few negatives. We all know, that no channel is perfect and all marketing channels have some flaw.

They Can Be Thrown Away

With direct mailers, they can always be thrown away. You run the risk of someone not knowing your brand and simply throwing away your mail piece.

Direct Mailers Cost More Than Other Marketing Channels

Between paying a graphic designer to make your piece, the cost of postage, and the cost to print… things can get a bit expensive with direct mailers. Not to mention, that you’ll also want to pay for the most accurate data, to ensure your message gets to the right people.


Unlike an email or digital ad, with Direct mail, you’re stuck with a flat image or text. this means your text needs to explain everything that a video in the digital ad world would explain.

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