Mortgage data lists aren’t just for banks. These lists offer a wealth of information that can benefit just about any small business. You can learn so much about your target customers just by looking at the information they provide on their mortgage documents (which, by the way, are public records). Here are five ideas on how to use mortgage data in your marketing:

  1. Ethnicity and language. Many people target specific ethnic groups in their marketing. So, for example, you could reach Hispanic homeowners who primarily speak Spanish at home.
  2. Property specific data. Use these lists to find property owners likely in need of home improvements based on characteristics such as the age of home or building type. Or use this data if you only want to reach people who own single-family homes, for example.
  3. Zip code, geographic area. Find new homeowners in your area—these people often need a range of services from a new dry cleaner to a favorite take-out restaurant to recreational clubs.
  4. Marital status and presence of children. This is good information for day care centers, camp programs, and other family friendly businesses.
  5. Income level. This information is great if you know your best customers have a specific income level.

Mortgage data lists also give you information on age, gender, and how long a person has lived in a particular area. No matter what kind of business you have, this is information you can use to create offers that will get response. Learn more about how to find a good mortgage data list


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