It is not so difficult to see how direct mail marketing and its related online marketing tools are severely disintegrated in most businesses today. People simply ignore the importance of a targeted and integrated marketing strategy – one that grabs the attention of its readers and converts readers to buyers. Getting the attention of your audience is the first key to being successful in your direct mail marketing campaign. Otherwise it’s the same old story: heaps of direct mail newsletters keep piling up in the garbage bin and nobody cares to take a second glance at them. The power of direct mail marketing is undeniable. If you know your business and target audience well enough, you have sufficient information to start off your campaign.

You can make a business postcard for your direct mail, which would mean that you bear the entire cost of production and posting. A shared direct mail means that a number of businesses share a common piece of direct mail, and they share the expenses as well.

Following are a few tips to help you create a winning direct mail marketing strategy:

  • Planning should be done in a reverse manner. Think of how a customer would benefit from it and then how it will benefit you.
  • Integrate direct mail with the relevant landing page of your business.
  • Give your direct mail campaign and the landing page the same creative catch.
  • Incorporate technology where needed.
  • Use social media for help in promotion.
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