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Millions of people need mortgage services—from equity loans, FHA/VA loans, seller carry backs, fixed or variable rate mortgage loans, and more. But these buyers want to work with a mortgage broker they trust. Your direct mail campaign is a step toward building that trust. And we’re here to make sure you reach the right prospects.

We simply provide the most comprehensive, accurate mortgage leads for your campaign.

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Our compiled mortgage leads mailing list gives you access to the largest array of data sourced from across the U.S. Selections on the file include: home sale amount, loan and credit attributes, equity line, 1st/2nd/3rd mortgage holders, new homeowners, private party lender, FHA/VA loans, FICO /beacon Lists, fixed/variable rate loans and Reverse Mortgages.

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Receive exact credit score information directly from the Credit Bureau. Information processed daily for the most exact data available. Choose from the following criteria: credit score, credit card debt, mortgage type, length of residence, installment debt, chapter 13 filed or discharged, open credit lines, mortgage payment, chapter 7 filed and much more.

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Working with the largest nationally compiled U.S. Deed aggregator, we provide the most accurate reverse mortgage leads on the market. Our file enables mortgage brokers and lenders to help seniors access the equity in their home and provide monthly cash flow without acquiring additional debt. You can reach every homeowner in the country who is eligible for this type of loan. Our reverse mortgage leads are sourced from a file of over 60 million households. The file contains demographic information on almost every homeowner in the nation.

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Our Foreclosures mailing list gives you access to homeowners who are in default on their mortgage. File is divided into 2 subsets. Those who have received a notice of default or a court ordered default (NOD) and those who have received notice that their residence is going to be auctioned by the County Government (NTS). This file is great for re-financing, loan modification, real estate agents, stop loss mitigation, auctioneers and debt counselors. Compiled from approximately 1500 County Courthouses.

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VA loans mortgage interest rates are at historically low rates and they’re the only loan type still available for 100% Financing. Pinpoint your best VA loan prospects by targeting borrowers whose origination dates were during peak interest rate periods. Our database includes over 200 mortgage and demographic selections for increased targeting capabilities.

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Our mortgage lead mailing lists are built from hundreds of sources:
  • County recorder and assessor files
  • Proprietary databases
  • Surveys
  • Purchase transactions
We also build our mortgage files at both the individual and household levels, which gives you multiple targeting options.

We want to be your mortgage lead mailing list provider of choice

We combine over 300 variables so you get maximum coverage and targeting capabilities. Mortgage brokers like you nationwide use our lists for lead generation, refinance prospecting, new homeowner offers, Private Mortgage Insurance, general/life insurance offers, and much more.
For immediate assistance, Call: (800) 741-0116 to speak with a mortgage mailing list expert, email us, or submit a count request detailing your list needs. Or access our online count and ordering system.