How would you like to receive double digit increases on your next direct mailing or email campaign? No need to answer; we know the answer is yes. The question is how? Event-driven marketing (EDM), also called trigger marketing, will generate that response for you.

Many small business rely on the holidays and/or seasonal changes to market their business. These events work and consumers will respond to their needs during those times. However, triggered marketing goes beyond. It takes into account major events in a person’s life—such as moving or having a baby. Consider the power knowing that some has just purchased a new home or opened a line of credit when putting together a direct mail piece. These events change the focus of the campaign from the business’ agenda to what the customer needs at a very specific moment in their life.

Life-changing events often lead to changes in a customer’s normal behavior, state of mind, or personal circumstance. And it offers a good reason for you to reach out to a prospect. The most productive marketing message is one that is relevant. And consumers will consider a message relevant if it resonates with where they are in life. For example, using a mailing list of expectant women puts you in contact with customers who may need to purchase baby furniture or maternity clothes, or even simply find a laundering service for diapers. Similarly a list of newly married couples or a new homeowners mailing list puts you in contact with individuals who may need phone service, cable TV and a host of other products ranging from lawn care to new appliances or even a local car mechanic.

If your event-triggered mailing can answer the question: “WHY NOW?” it will be much more successful. Prospects will receive offers and service messages that are of interest to them. Businesses will avoid the shotgun approach typical of most campaigns. There are hundreds of life changing events mailing lists available. Trigger your next campaign around new parents or recently engaged couples or use hotline lists to gain deeper insight into credit history. No matter what product or service you sell using a triggered event to dictate your next campaign can yield big results and help you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.


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