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Expectant Mothers Mailing List

Reach Pregnant Moms-To-Be

The Expectant Mothers Mailing List allows you to reach women who are pregnant and preparing for the birth of their child.

Regardless of whether expectant mothers are preparing for the birth of one child, twins, or triplets, mothers do have special needs and desires to make their pregnancy a fulfilling experience. Expectant mothers also attend regularly scheduled prenatal care appointments with their doctors to properly care for their babies.

What Expectant Mothers Buy

From getting the proper nutrition to buying baby clothes and stocking the nursery, mothers to buy a variety of goods and services. For themselves, these women would purchase items such as maternity clothing, supplements, footwear, baby care books, health and exercise books, exercise videos, and maternity pillows.

Expectant mothers will also buy cribs, diapers, newborn bathing items, sleepers, car seats, booster seats, baby swings, bassinets, baby food, changing tables, rocking chairs, nursery décor, diaper bags and totes, baby formula, teething rings, and baby bottles for their child.

Our mailing lists are routinely updated with new expectant mothers, as well as removing old or bad information from the list so that you are up-to-date accurate information you need when connecting with your target market.

Who Commonly Buys Expectant Mothers Mailing List

Purchasers of Expectant mother’s mailing list includes:

  • supplement providers
  • maternity wear providers
  • retail stores
  • book stores
  • baby furniture manufacturers
  • booster seat providers
  • birthing class organizers
  • financial institutions offering college savings plans
  • automobile dealerships
  • magazines
  • diaper manufacturers
  • baby supply providers

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