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Young Men’s Apparel Buyers Mailing List

Reach Young Men’s Clothing Shoppers

The Young Men’s Apparel Buyers Mailing List allows you to market to consumers who purchase young men’s clothing and attire.

This marketing list lets you market to over 26,000 consumers of young men’s apparel products through direct mail, telephone, and opt-in email contact info. These consumers purchase through a variety of channels such as online e-commerce sites, print catalogs, retail stores and outlets, and infomercials. These young men can be sons, nephews, boyfriends, brothers, and husbands of consumers. Both men and women will purchase young men’s clothing such slacks, khakis, polo shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, shorts, work wear, t-shirts, sleepwear and jackets. Young men would include teens, high school and college students, and men just starting their careers. These young men would wear sporting, casual, formal, business, and seasonal attire.

Purchasers of the Men’s Casual Apparel Consumers Mailing List would include men’s apparel manufacturers, department stores, chain stores, clothing retailers, clothing outlet facilities, footwear providers, belt providers, electronic suppliers, and retail clothing buyers.

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