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Specialty Mailing Lists & Email Lists

Put you and your company in front of the right person

Are your products or services aimed at a specific market, vocation or trade industry? Then specialty mailing lists are the key to thoroughly pinpointing the characteristics, lifestyle and habits of the prospects you want to reach.

We have compiled thousands of specialty mailing lists and email lists to help our customers reach specialized markets, professions, and trade industries with greater accuracy. Let us help you do the same!

We derive our specialty mailing lists and email lists from directories, surveys, trade associations, government certification files and other proprietary sources. We regularly clean and update all of our data so you are receiving the freshest, most qualified names available.

We can create a specialty list, just for your. These data cards contain information on the following:

    • Accountants
    • Airplane owners
    • Attorneys
    • Auto owners
    • Bad credit
    • Boat owners
    • Libraries
    • Dental hygienists
    • Farmers
    • Fire departments
    • Government
    • Healthcare professionals
    • Hospitals, clubs and organizations
    • New homeowners
    • Pharmacists
    • Police departments
    • Parents
    • Real estate agents
    • Schools, voters
    • Women executives and more

Let us compile a specialty mailing list to meet your unique needs. Call: (800) 741-0116 to speak with a mailing list expert, email us, or submit a count request detailing your list needs. Or access our online count and ordering system.

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