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School Principals Email Lists

Reach School Principals

The School Principal Email List allows you to reach grade school and high school principals by email.

The School principle list is comprised of the email addresses to connect and market to school principals whose main functions are to provide leadership, strategic planning, and management in the K-12 educational system.

This list of educational professionals has the purchasing power to buy supplies for the entire school, individual classrooms, library, band room, drama and theater, physical education dept, athletic dept, or administrative offices. Principals plan and manage the growth of the school, get input from teachers, and implement new programs. They ensure the overall safety of the children and maintenance of the school and school grounds.

Connect with Decision Makers

Principals are in charge of purchasing computers, software, school supplies, maintenance supplies, books, interactive whiteboards, projectors, school desks, paper, pens, outdoor equipment, lighting, heating equipment, musical instruments, arts and craft supplies, audio/video equipment, and uniforms. If you are looking to sell your product to a school in any of these areas, connecting the principle is a great place to start.

Common Buyers of the School Principle Mailing List

Purchasers of the School Faculty Email List would include:

  • continuing education providers
  • classroom supply providers
  • recruiters
  • musical instrument suppliers
  • art supplies
  • athletic equipment suppliers
  • maintenance providers
  • office supply providers
  • book publishers
  • software suppliers

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