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Rehabilitation Nurses Mailing List

Reach Rehabilitation Nurses Through Email Marketing

The Rehabilitation Nurses Mailing List allows you to reach nursing healthcare professionals through email marketing efforts at their personal email address.

Reach Caregivers with Nurse Lists

This mailing list consists of nursing professionals such as:

  • Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)
  • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (AN)

This healthcare professionals who provide rehabilitative care to patients suffering from disabilities or recovering from surgery or injury. Rehabilitation nurses are knowledgeable in providing treatment and therapy to patients who suffer from mobility impairments, arthritis, strokes, disabilities, and injuries. They will assist patients in regaining strength and mobility after undergoing surgeries on knees, backs, necks, shoulders, and hips. Rehabilitation nurses work as a team with physical therapists, physicians, social workers, dieticians, and occupational therapists. They will purchase linens, office supplies, medical attire, footwear, pain relieving gels, audiometers, blood pressure monitors, exercise equipment, supplements, exercise balls, whirlpool baths, weights, foam, pads, medical tape, medical wraps, shears, pedal exercisers, treatment tables, electrotherapy stimulators, stethoscopes, software, disposable gloves, and sterilizers.

Purchasers of the rehabilitation nurses mailing list would include linen manufacturers, medical uniform providers, exam table providers, hand sanitizing providers, disposable gloves and garment providers, supplement providers, medical equipment suppliers, therapeutic exercise equipment, mobility providers, and office supply providers.

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