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Psychologists Mailing List

Market to Nursing Healthcare Professionals

The Psychologists Mailing Lists allows you to reach these healthcare professionals through direct mail at their home address.

Psychologists are highly educated professionals and practice in the mental health field of psychology. Psychologists differ from psychiatrists as psychiatrists are licensed physicians who can prescribe medications for mental illnesses or disorders. Psychologists help individuals focus on self-awareness, personal growth, and emotional mental health through counseling and psychological testing. They help individuals cope with depression, low self esteem, addiction, stress, grief, marital issues, parenting issues, anger, infidelity, divorce, career choices, and mental disorders. Psychologists would purchase desks, chairs, sofas, wall décor and art, files, filing cabinets, computers, software, pens, papers, business attire, and magazines in the course of their duties. They would work in settings such as hospitals, private practice, clinics, schools, and in the corporate workplace.

Purchasers of the Psychologists mailing list would include high end business apparel providers, office furniture providers, office décor providers, computer manufacturers, software providers, office supply providers, insurance providers, accounting professionals, trade journals, continuing education providers, mental health organizations and non-profits, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and substance abuse facilities.

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