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Midwives Mailing List

Market to Midwives Across the Country

The Midwives Mailing List allows you to reach these healthcare specialists through direct mail at their home address.

Midwifery is a health care profession that offers childbearing women assistance throughout their pregnancy and in the delivery of their child. Midwifes are specialists and handle low risk pregnancies, childbirth, postpartum, gynecological exams, family planning, and menopausal care. Midwives may be certified professionals (CPM) who have met standards set by the North American Registry of Midwives or licensed as nurse-midwives with nursing degrees. They deliver babies in hospitals, birthing centers, and the pregnant mother’s home. They practice natural childbirth and typically work closely with obstetricians if there are complications. They would use thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, needles, syringes, bandages, gauze, stethoscopes, surgical supplies, medical instruments, uniforms, pediatric supplies, linens, and disposable gloves.

Purchasers of the midwives mailing list would include prenatal vitamin manufacturers, hospital supply retailers and wholesalers, pharmaceuticals, supplement suppliers, medical apparel providers, pediatric supply providers, continuing education institutions, office supply providers, computer hardware and software suppliers, bandaging companies, medical periodicals, medical furniture providers, credit card issuers, and health insurance providers.

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