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Critical Care/ICU Nurses Mailing List

Market to Critical Care Professionals

The Critical Care/ICU Nurses Mailing List allows you to reach nursing health care professionals at their personal email address.

This database gives you access to registered nurses (RN), Licensed practical nurses (LPN), and advanced registered nurse practitioners (AN) who work in the critical care/intensive care unit. Critical care/ICU nurses provide care to patients who require closer monitoring or more intensive treatment than a hospital ward can offer. These nurses can work in specialized types of ICUs including neonatal, pediatric, coronary care, cardiovascular, burn wounds, surgical trauma, geriatric, and psychiatric intensive care. Critical nurses would use equipment such as mechanical ventilators, endotracheal tubes, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, dialysis equipment, feeding tubes, catheters, and suction pumps. They administer drugs and medications for pain and prevention of infection.

Purchasers of this mailing list would include hospital supply retailers, supplement providers, pharmaceuticals, mental health organizations, pediatric supply providers, medical apparel suppliers, footwear providers, continuing education providers, medical periodical providers, and software companies.

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