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Target Chronic Health Issue Donators and Volunteers

The Chronic Health Issue Donators and Volunteers Charity Mailing List allows you to reach volunteers and individuals who donate their time, money, and resources to health related charities, research facilities, and organizations.

These individuals donate a portion of their disposable income or other resources for the prevention, research, and treatment of disabling diseases and illnesses. These volunteers choose to donate their money to causes that are close to their heart. They may suffer from a disabling disease or have a family member or friend who is suffering with a long term illness. They support organizations, non-profits, and charities that seek cures for diabetes, cancer, lung disease, hearing disorders, vision impairments, depression, mental illness, muscular dystrophy, respiratory problems, and heart disease.

These donators will organize and attend fundraisers, participate in telethons, participate in walkathons, and send private donations to charities, non-profit organizations, research facilities, and hospitals.

Purchasers of the Chronic Health Issue Donators and Volunteers Charity Mailing List would include medical charities, non-profit organizations, research laboratories and facilities, hospitals, medical facilities, Diabetes foundations, pharmaceuticals, mobility equipment providers, cancer institutes, disability aid providers, and mental health organizations.

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