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Apartment Dwellers Mailing List

Reach Consumers Currently Living in an Apartment

Challenges for any business include marketing products and services to the right audience.  Mailing Lists Direct is just that crucial link for businesses looking to expand their marketplace, fill sales pipelines and boost income. We’ve taken our New Homeowner Mailing List and refined it to target a niche market of consumers who choose to live in apartments. The Apartment Dwellers Mailing List is an intelligent solution for marketing your retail business to prospective consumers with purchasing power.

Connect With Apartment Dwellers

This mailing list allows you to reach apartment dwellers and renters by:

  • apartment complex name
  • rent range
  • and type of apartment


Simply select the name and location of the apartment complex to reach renters who reside there. The Apartment Dwellers Mailing List contains nearly 125,000 complexes with new data being updated continuously. Since these renters are not concerned with homeownership challenges like maintenance or yard care, they have the additional disposable income to spend on vacations, fine dining, cruises, interior decorating, entertainment, designer clothing, and vehicles.

Our lists contain contact data from reliable proprietary sources and verified to ensure validity. Derived from U.S. County Recorder’s Office records and updated weekly, we guarantee the freshest prospect leads on the market. Satisfied purchasers of the apartment complex mailing list include

  • Direct Marketers
  • Retail Providers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Travel Agencies
  • Car Manufacturers
  • Rental Insurance Companies
  • Pet Suppliers
  • High-End Apparel Manufacturers

If you are looking to improve revenue streams and boost your bottom line, the Apartment Dwellers Mailing List reaches an often untapped, lucrative audience. Call 800-741-0116 to speak with one of our experts, email us or submit a count request detailing your list needs. We also provide an online count and ordering system for quick and easy ordering.