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Using Specialized Automotive Mailing Lists to Increase Your Sales

Elevating your current automotive marketing campaign has never been easier. Nowadays marketing data on car buyers are more accurate and includes many more data points than before. Thus providing marketers with powerful resources to help them capitalize on their seasonal and non-seasonal marketing campaigns. Often car buyers are buying cars for graduation presents, kids are going to college, or their family is getting larger and they need more room to fit everyone.

Cars with the sign of Specialized Automotive Mailing Lists Increase Your Sales

Automotive marketing lists can help drill down the market to these exact people and much more. It can also see how ofter car owners are having to get their car serviced annually and use that data, to pinpoint the time ranges they are most likely to purchase or are currently researching to purchase a new car. We have seen the increased results our clients get just from slightly tweaking their automotive list to target it to their specific audience. Our comprehensive options for each list make tweaking your automotive list easy.

Making the Most of Your Automotive Mailing Lists

You can get a list that has the basic information you need, such as people who own car along with their name, direct mail address, email address, phone, vehicle make, model, year, fuel type, and VIN. But you can get much more too.

Add lifestyle data to that car owner list, and you can target your mailings even further. Information such as age, income, net worth, credit score, marital status, gender, children, education, lifestyle (golfer, boat owner, foreign traveler, etc) will help you narrow your mailing to the perfect prospects. Are there teenagers in the home? Then the parents may be looking for quality used cars, or maybe they’d like a package deal on oil changes. High net worth people may be interested in the luxury cars or services you offer.

Where the Information Comes From

Automotive mailing lists are compiled from auto warranties, auto service centers, auto dealerships, car manufacturers, online info requests for auto insurance, automotive products, gasoline credit card offers, auto service centers, self-reported surveys, auto clubs, and many other auto list niche sources.

To create a more targeted list, we cross-reference this information with our consumer databases to narrow your audience. We verify all of our data sources regularly to ensure the information is up-to-date.

Some of the Automotive Lists Selects

Here is a snapshot of the kind of data you can collect with our automotive mailing lists.

  • New/Used Vehicle Preferences
  • Number of Vehicles in Household
  • Auto Loan Remaining Months
  • Auto Style (convertible, luxury, pickup, sedan, etc)
  • Auto owners credit score
Analytics on car buying

Retarget With Direct Mail

We have the capabilities to clients that walk into your store, to your next direct mail campaign. This way your leads have a higher chance of turning into clients. Along with that, we can also provide you with optimal data on your current customers and find an optimized list looking to upgrade their car, sell their car, renew their lease, sign a new lease, etc. Automotive direct mail lists, help get your ad in front of the customer through retargeting, to aid in your marketing efforts.

Automotive Marketing Services

Our list brokers can help you choose the selects that will have the most impact on your campaign and combine them with machine learning to accelerate your marketing efforts. They also have a whole toolkit of services such as In-market data sets which find leads actively searching to purchase or lease a car, cross identity resolution which will help with targeting ads across multiple platforms, automotive signaling which looks at leads visiting other dealerships in your area and helps you target them, and much more. So be sure to reach out to one of our sales reps over chat, phone, or by simply filling out a form on our website. From there, they can help assist you with your next direct mail, email, or digital advertising campaign.

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