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Father's Day and Mother's Day Marketing

Mother's and Fathers' Day

Different audiences respond to different touches and triggers when it comes to marketing. You can have the best list in the universe, but if you don’t reach your target at the right time with the right message, your marketing campaign won’t generate the desired results.

Knowing the buying behaviors and trends surrounding both Mother’s and Father’s day can make or break your marketing efforts. What are the hottest items? What are parents and children budgeting to spend? Where are they looking to spend? Is your company at the top of their mind?

Mother's Day Marketing

Mother’s Day marketing focuses on creating emotion and selling products that will make mom feel loved. Tried and true Mother’s Day gifts like spa days, dinner out with the family, jewelry and flowers are what buyers are looking for. This is why marketing through direct mail, digital ads and emails leading up to mother’s day is a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy that has products geared to Mother’s Day consumers.

2021 Consumer Survey Stats:

  • Consumers are interested in spending about $8 more than 2020 this Mother’s Day for an average of $205 on gifts. (National Retail Federation, 2020)
  • Categories like electronics, housewares, gardening tools and books saw a significant boost this year as more consumers are interested in giving these items as gifts. (National Retail Federation, 2020)

What Industries Are Best For Advertising For Mother's Day?

Your product or service should appeal to mothers, however, you must convince the spouse to purchase the product. The decision-maker at the end of the day is the one purchasing the gift(s). This is why your marketing needs to appeal to them, meaning your marketing should show just how happy a mother would be receiving the gift. Tieing this into the best industries, this year surveys show the 3 top buying categories are Houseware (25%), Books and CDs (24%) and Electronics (19%). (National Retail Federation, 2020)

Best Industries:

  • Products – A lot of mothers with young kids will receive homemade crafts from school, coupled with the below items from their spouse.
    • Flower Sales
    • Chocolate Sales
    • Jewelry
  • Services – Many spouses will take the opportunity to splurge a little on services that give mothers a relaxing break.
    • Spa Day
    • Home Cleaning Services
  • Restaurants – Adult children typically opt-in to taking their mothers out for a nice dinner on Mother’s Day.

Father's Day Marketing

Father’s Day gifts are about what dad wants—the newest toy or gadget. And since women tend to be creative with gift-giving, there is more opportunity to market non-traditional products. That means multi-channel marketing is a must for Father’s Day in order to reach their significant other to be reached at multiple touchpoints. These buyers will be thinking about something special and want to come up with a new idea. Reaching them via email, social media, advertising and direct mail will help lead them to your door to buy that special gift for dad.

2021 Consumer Survey Stats:

What Industries Are Best For Advertising For Father's Day?​

It should go without saying, but companies selling products geared toward men and clothes for men. When it comes to fathers, their significant others tend to purchase products geared toward appearances, such as clothing and personal care items.

Best Industries:

  • Products – Many significant others will focus on purchasing products for the father that are geared toward their appearances or equipment they enjoy using or would make their lives easier.
    • Clothes
    • Grooming and Personal Care
    • Outdoor Equipment
    • Sports Equipment/Memorabilia

Best Marketing Lists For Mother's and Father's Day

It is highly advised to combine a number of the below lists, such as coupling adults with children in their household with zip codes if you are looking to sell spa services in your area.

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