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How to Buy Mailing Lists That Get Results

Consider the following when you buy marketing lists

At Mailing Lists Direct, we believe educated consumers are the best customers. Knowing what to consider when you need to buy a mailing list is the first step to purchasing a high-response list.

  • List Size
    Today you can buy mailing lists with less than 2,000 names or more than a million. The size of your list depends on your marketing goals and budget. The key is to decide how big you want your campaign to be and buy a marketing list best suited to the size.
  • Cost
    When you purchase mailing lists, you’ll be billed at a cost per thousand. Lists typically range from $50 to $85 per thousand names, with specialized lists going for $125 to $175 per thousand, and sometimes more. Phone numbers cost between $50 to $100 or more per thousand and business email lists average $400 per thousand, including transmission. The cost should help you determine what size list you can buy for your budget.
  • List Description
    The list description is very important in helping you determine if you’re buying the right list to reach your market. This description will tell you the list’s source and history, and provide a profile of the type of buyers it represents. If that information is in alignment with your target market, then it’s a good list for you.
  • Selections Available
    The selections available refers to the filters you can use to refine the list. In general, the more selections available, the better you’ll be able to narrow the list to your target market.
  • Frequency of Updating
    A clean list will get you a far better returns—and prevent you from sending your campaigns to people who are no longer at a particular email or postal address. So before you buy a list, find out when it was last updated. As a general rule, a list should be updated at least once a year.

Make us your mailing list provider of choice

Sourcing your consumer or business mailing list from a company that provides accurate, clean and updated data is the single most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your direct marketing campaign.

When you purchase a list from Mailing Lists Direct, you’ll receive the freshest, most comprehensive data available. You’ll also get decades worth of experience in helping our customers build the right mailing list for their campaigns.

  • Our consumer mailing lists include more than 200 million people at over 135 million households. Our database contains over 300 different variables from which to select and target your prospects.
  • Our business mailing lists include detailed information on over 25 million US-based companies and 42 million executives, allowing you to reach virtually every business the country if you want.

We pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date mailing lists you can find any where. We scrub and update our lists regularly to incorporate the latest information so that they’re always fresh and correct for you.


Now you know what to look for in your list, get started with your campaign! Call: 800-741-0116 to speak with a mailing list expert, email us, or submit a count request detailing your list needs. Or access our online count and ordering system.

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The minimum for most lists ranges from $150 to $1,000 per thousand records (CPM) depending on the target audience. The more condensed the list, the lower the cost will be.

It is legal to buy email lists as long as you are buying the list from a reputable company that follows the various data privacy acts. The purchased emails must also meet CAN SPAM guidelines and have been collected from willing users.

To purchase a mailing list you can simply reach out to a list broker who will guide you through the process of narrowing down your target market, access your audience criteria, sending over legal documents, and help guide you through the purchasing process and deployment.

Advertisers can obtain direct mail lists from reputable data companies such as Mailing List Direct. They legally have the ability to sell opt-in data that follows CAN SPAM laws. The best way to get a mailing list is to first speak with a list broker who can best help access your mailing list needs.

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