Using Geo-Targeted Email Marketing For Your Small Business

As a small business, you may sometimes feel stuck between a rock and hard place when you think about your marketing. You want to market to the neighborhoods you serve, and you know you can do that with a postal mailer. But you also want to take advantage of all that email marketing has to offer. Can you do both? The answer is yes. Geo-targeted email marketing gives you the best of both worlds.

Geo-targeted email marketing

Geo-targeted email marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to market your small business. Geo-targeting is simply using zip codes to target your list when you buy or rent an email marketing list. How is this possible? List creators have sophisticated methods of collecting consumer information—often capturing not only zip codes, but lifestyle and demographic information as well. They use this data to provide you with the ability to hone in on the audience you want to reach.

And this is good news for you because consumers are more likely to open an offer from a local business. In fact, the people on the list you purchase or rent indicated they would be interested in receiving local offers (otherwise the list would not qualify as an opt-in, clean list).

With a geo-targeted list in hand, you are ready to wow your customers with your email marketing campaign.

Finding the right email marketing tools

Of course, to make the most of your geo-targeted email list, you need a good email marketing tool. There are many to choose from; the right one for you depends on the size of your list and how often you plan to reach out to your customers. This article provides a great overview of some of the most popular small business email marketing tools.

With email marketing, you have the potential to put together a range of great offers for you customers. One small pizza business creates discounts connected to obscure holidays—and their customers love it!

What fun offers can you make for your small business?


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