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School Psychologist Mailing List

Reach School Psychologists Across the Country

The School Psychologists Mailing List allows you to reach these counseling professionals through direct mail marketing efforts at their home address.

School psychologists are experts in both psychology and education and address the educational, emotional, social and behavioral issues of students. They will diagnose learning disabilities through psychological assessments. They help students cope with depression, low self esteem, addiction, stress, grief, parenting issues, anger, and career choices. School psychologists will diagnose and suggest treatment to ensure these students receive a good education and successfully graduate. They would purchase desks, chairs, sofas, wall décor and art, files, filing cabinets, computers, software, pens, papers, business attire, and magazines in the course of their duties.

Purchasers of the school psychologist mailing list would include high end business apparel providers, office furniture providers, office décor providers, computer manufacturers, continuing education providers, software providers, office supply providers, trade journals, mental health organizations and non-profits, parenting organizations, and substance abuse facilities.

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