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Tablet/E-Reader Learning Tool Schools Mailing List

Reach Technology Tool Buyers for Schools Across the Country

The Tablet/E-Reader Learning Tool Schools Mailing List allows you to reach K-12 school districts and school decision makers who have purchased i-pads, e-pads, nooks, and tablets for classroom, computer lab, and student use.

This mailing list contains the most current phone-compiled data that targets school personnel and administrators who utilize technology tools to enhance student learning. From grade school through high school, these education professionals have the buying power to purchase computer tablets and e-readers to help students achieve success in school. These schools and school districts have purchased name brand products such as the Apple iPad, Barnes and Noble Nook, ClassMate, and the IBM Thinkpad as additional teaching tools. Students of these innovative schools are able to reap the benefits of enhanced learning with downloadable apps and touch screen convenience. These schools are “going green” and are able to save money in the long run by purchasing fewer print books and publications. School personnel have budgeted and will continue to spend on the latest in technological advances for their students, teachers, and staff.

Purchasers of the Savvy Technology Learning Tool Schools mailing list would include wholesale and retail technology education providers, book publishers, software providers, internet service providers, wireless communication providers, computer network providers, computer manufacturers, and e-reader providers.

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