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The Best Multichannel Marketing Campaigns Begin with Email

Email Helps Multichannel Marketing Efforts

Reaching your customers requires giving them a choice about how they will engage with you. This is perhaps because letting your customers choose how they want to interact with you gives them more control, and that makes them more responsive to your message. Direct mail continues to be an effective channel, but integrating your direct mail with an email marketing campaign can boost sales, making it a critical component of multichannel marketing efforts.

Dollar for dollar, email provides the most impact for the lowest cost. As with the variable data options in direct mail, email allows you to create a personalized experience. However, the ease with which you can test and change the variable elements of your email campaign makes doing so a cost-effective way to experiment with targeted messages, subject lines, and offers.

Almost three-quarters of marketers use email in their multichannel mix because it let’s you drill down to tailor messages to specific verticals. Email is not only affordable but often delivers a higher return on investment. Additionally, email offers immediate customer intelligence. You can craft new messages, test new data sources and apply the findings to other digital channels you may not have considered. There is no downside to adding an email campaign to your marketing strategy. However, as with any direct marketing campaign, your success is tied to the quality of your data. Learn more about building a responsive multichannel marketing list.

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Sending direct mail pieces to your database can have a very positive effect on your multichannel ROI. This is particularly most effective when it comes to products or services that involve the home or are researched the most at home. Direct mail pieces are a great cause for conversation-starting, such as, “Where should we eat tonight?”, “We’ve been meaning to replace our couch”, and “Should we buy a new car?”. When advertisers are able to get through the front door of a home (via. Direct Mail) they increase the consideration for their product/service and are able to increase their leads over their competitors.

84% of participants reported that direct mail improves multichannel campaign performance. (, 2020)

Direct Mail Ads

SMS Marketing

This has been fairly new to multichannel marketing efforts and is typically used as a “Check-in” tool when companies need to reach someone to talk about renewing their service. However, this has been evolving and more companies are using their opt-in lists to send special deals and “Happy Birthdays”.

Web Presense

With thousands of products and services similar to yours, it’s no wonder the consumer will turn to online research before purchasing any product of high value. In doing their research, they are likely to find your brand via the website, social media, or video.

  • Website – Your website needs to rank for terms related to your product or service, this way potential clients can easily find you through search engines. Then your website needs to make it easy to understand what you are selling and what makes your product/or service unique. These website visitors can easily be used later on for advertising purposes, but initially, you want to capture their attention before your competitors. Also, a website provides your clients with a portal to either book your services or purchase your product directly.
  • Social – Having a social media presence can help solidify your legitimacy as a business. Many people doing their research on a product or service, will check to see if the company has any social media presence. An active social media presence helps the inquirer validate that your business is in fact still open and active.
  • VideoAn overwhelming majority of people (94%) report watching explainer videos to learn more about a product, with 84% being swayed to make a purchase. (HubSpot, 2021) Videos provide potential buyers with a unique view of your product/service. They also have the opportunity to learn more about you through the video, rather than having to read through your website.
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Your advertising, both digital and non-digital, are a great way to create brand recognition and help initiate future purchasers to buy. Today’s advertisers are using data to determine the best channel to advertise through and which channels provide the best support. The data used can range from Google Ads Audience Building to population data for billboards. When it comes to multichannel marketing campaigns, it’s important to support all your efforts with some advertising.

Multichannel marketing works. Integrating email with direct mail yields open rates of about 33%— higher than the 15% to 25% average open rates for email alone, and higher than direct mail response rates alone (Econsultancy / Responsys Cross-Channel Marketing Report, 2013). There is no doubt that multichannel marketing is the most effective marketing form, however, it is also the toughest to set up and get started. This is why it’s important to contact Mailing List Direct to help get a list that will jump-start your multichannel marketing efforts.

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