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Marketing News

USPS Launches MyPost

USPS has earlier done testing of MyPost on around 300 customers and is now planning to launch the app for thousands of consumers in the coming months. This app is supposed to make consumers have more interest in the direct mail pieces that they receive. Perhaps this would help to increase the ROI on direct mails even more. Check out David Ward’s article to read the full report.


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New Marketing Campaigns for USPS

Ginger Conlon writes for about how the USPS encourages the involvement of digital channels by asking the direct mailers to add QR codes in their mails. This will help for making online payments. Nagisa Manabe, the chief marketing and sales officer of USPS tells about her revenue generating plans to save USPS in its financial crisis. Click the above link to read what USPS has in store for its B2B and B2C customers.


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Vistaprint Survey Sheds Light on Small Business Marketing

VISTAPRINT, December 10, 2009 – The Netherlands based company, Vistaprint, has published a recent survey of 300 small businesses on their marketing methods and outlook. The survey is available online at the Vistaprint Small Business Blog.
Focus on Small Businesses
The survey was conducted on small businesses where the respondents were self-reporters. Respondents had to be either a sole proprietor, independent contractor, owner or general manager of a business with less than 100 full or part-time employees. […]

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Mailing List Management Service Announced by Pitney Bowes

STAMFORD, CT – On November 30, 2009, the Pitney Bowes company announced a new online list management service for organizations that either use direct mail infrequently or who send mostly a small volume of direct mail.

Primarily targeted for small businesses, the new service is called AddressRightNow.The AddressRightNow platform is used to updatemailing lists based on the US Postal Service change of address records and to eliminate incorrect mailing addresses. People using this new service will […]

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German Direct Mail Opt-In Law Worries Marketers

GERMANY – On September 1st 2009 the new direct mail opt-in law goes into effect in Germany.  This new law has caused the entire European marketing and data industries to become concerned – similar laws could soon come to the UK. Although the new changes don’t prevent direct mail marketing literature from being sent to potential customers, it will nevertheless restrict businesses from sending it out to the same mass audiences as they have […]

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Marketing Survey Shows Small Businesses Can Expect Revenue Growth

OTTAWA, CANADA – In a recent survey conducted by it was shown that many small business owners are seeing the beginnings of a turnaround in the current economic climate and expect revenue growth. Even though the recession has been a challenge for businesses of all sizes, small business who rise to the challenge and increase their spending on effective marketing actually expect an increase in revenue.

The report is entitled, Small Business Marketing Health Check and […]

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Digital Printing in Direct Mail Forecast For 2008-2013

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – A comprehensive forecast of the use of digital printing in the direct mail market has been undertaken and published by INTERQUEST, a market research and consulting firm that serves the digital printing and publishing industry. The document is entitledDigital Printing in Direct Mail: Market Analysis & Forecast (2008-2013) – 260 pages.

The study contains 155 tables and charts and also provides an assessment of the impact of the financial crisis on the direct […]

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UPS Testing Direct Mail Service

NEW YORK, NY – The direct mail industry is about to get more competitive – especially for business who use mailing lists for traditional direct mail advertising. United Parcel Service (UPS) is testing a new direct mail service called Direct to Door.

The pilot program is to be conducted in five markets – Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, Phoenix and Washington, D.C. UPS drivers will be delivering boxes containing about 12 premium offers and samples to targeted consumers. […]

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Direct Mail Talks Starting Between U.S. and Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba – Today, officials sat down for the first time together to discuss restoring direct mail service between U.S. and Cuba. This is a small but positive move toward improved relations that comes after a bitter week of accusations over the extension of the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba.

The U.S. delegation is headed by Bisa Williams, who is the current deputy assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs. The negotiations are being […]

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Direct Mail Talks to Start Between U.S. and Cuba

WASHINGTON – Talks between the U.S. and Cuba are in the works to resume direct-mail service between the two countries for the first time in nearly half a century. On Sep 1st, 2009, diplomats made the announcement that talks are set to begin on Sept 17, 2009 as part of the Obama administration’s efforts to continue to try to engage the communist country.

Direct mail to Cuba stopped in 1963, and since then mail has […]

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