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Direct mailing campaigns are traditionally a high-response tactic for real estate brokers. With the right mailing list or email list, response rates can be even higher than average. We’ve got the lists you need!

Every Real Estate List You Can Imagine

Mailing Lists Direct provides a range of mailing list options for the real estate industry. With our extensive real estate broker mailing lists and email addresses, you can reach new homeowners, existing homeowners, potential first-time buyers and households within a radius of a listing.

Comprehensive Databases Lead to Quality Lists

Reaching every household in a specified radius is a breeze with our residential mailing lists. Each year nearly 15% of the people in the United States move to a new home. Find new opportunities with home buyers and home sellers with our extensive real estate mailing lists for brokers.

Residential mailing lists are one of the most comprehensive and clean mailing lists in the industry.

How do we keep these extensive lists accurate?

By continuously utilizing US Postal Service processing routines to give you the most complete and up-to-date addresses available. As an additional check, we double-verify all names on the database—we never put a record in our file unless it is confirmed by at least two independent data sources.

If you want to target your campaign further, our new homeowner mailing lists and our zip code mailing lists are the ticket. We build them from over 350 sources, including:

  • County recorder and assessor files
  • Proprietary databases
  • Surveys
  • Purchase transactions

These real estate mailing list databases let you target specific groups with offers that meet their precise needs. So let the power of the cleanest real estate broker lists in the industry work for you today!

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