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Marketing to Seniors

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Senior woman in her 60's

Is reaching the senior market critical to your business? While a targeted senior mailing list is crucial for reaching this demographic, a strategic omnichannel marketing campaign can help boost your marketing outreach. Omnichannel marketing takes your current messaging and expands it across other mediums to create cohesive and seamless campaigns. This helps you reach seniors across a variety of platforms and devices. Direct mail, digital marketing, TV ads, print ads and email marketing can be successfully combined to help you target seniors early in the buying process. Our strategy is designed to help you reach seniors directly, giving you the ability to get your products and services in front of the best senior prospects.

Critical Facts About Marketing to Seniors

Marketing to seniors is difficult if you aren’t knowledgeable of their likes, dislikes, lifestyle habits and preferred channels of communication.

For ad design, make sure your artwork, images and fonts meet certain criteria. Below are a few important tips to consider:

For more tips, download our free guide on how to market to the senior population.

Omnichannel Marketing to Seniors

Your omnichannel marketing campaign needs to first establish brand recognition. With seniors 65 and older, it is important to remember they are brand loyal. Their brand loyalty may be hard to change, and if they don’t know who you are, then it’s unlikely they will invest in your business.

Following recognition, the most important element of your campaign is building trust. Seniors are less influenced by their peers and more influenced by family members and spouses. The trust your brand needs to build will come less from word of mouth and more from individual research.

Finally, you will need to continue to remind these seniors that you exist. Seniors over the age of 65 have been subjected to ads from marketers all their life. They already know hundreds of brands, so it’s important for your brand to be top of mind. Keep your awareness alive and remind them of who you are through the use of omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel Marketing

The Best Channels for Each Part of Your Omnichannel Campaign:

Brand Introductory – Direct Mail, Online Advertising and Television

Establish Trust – Print Ads and Television

Remind Them Of Your Brand – Email, Direct Mail, Online Advertisement and Television

Direct Mail Strategy

The key to a successful direct marketing campaign is the right mailing list of seniors who are 65 and older. A targeted postal/mailing list will help ensure that your message reaches your best prospects.

After the brand introductory phase of your campaign, a response mailing list can help you further narrow down your target audience, revealing seniors who are most likely to ‘respond’ to specific promotions and offers.

If you choose not to purchase a new mailing list, consider getting your current data appended. This ensures your data is up-to-date, and provides you the latest data based on NCOA (National Change of Address) files.

65 year old senior opening the mail

Direct Mail Tips:

  • Use large print lettering
  • Use images of happy seniors
    • No lonely senior images
    • No images of seniors depressed
  • Display the facts about your business

Online Advertising Strategy

With over 70% of seniors (World Economic Forum, 2019) on the internet on a regular basis and 87% of seniors on social media (Marketing Evolution, 2019), it makes perfect sense to add digital marketing to your campaign. These ads not only serve as a great way to introduce your brand to those turning 65 but also to continue to remind your audience of your brand.

Use a combination of Social Media Ads and standard display ads to either begin the introductory of your brand or remarket back those that visited your website.

Digital Marketing Tips

  • Connect to a WebID Service which converts your website traffic into prospects for a personalized direct mail and email marketing experience.
  • Utilize remarketing to its full capacity to continue to promote brand awareness
  • If your product or service is entering a new location-based market, then geotargeting an area with ads is a great way to introduce yourself

Television Marketing Strategy

Selecting the right message is key to marketing to seniors through television. It’s important to have a positive and knowledgeable message. They are most receptive to ads appealing to facts and benefits associated with your product or service.

It is recommended to also advertise on a streaming service. They are able to directly show ads to only your target market and can provide more data and insight over traditional television.

Seniors watching television marketing advertisements

Television Marketing Tips

  • The message is clear and easy to understand
  • Use language and references your target audience would understand
  • Have a clear call-to-action in your ad

Print Advertisement Strategy

Seniors 65 and older are the largest consumers of print-based media (American Press Institute, 2017), making them the perfect candidate for print-based ads. They also trust print media to provide the most accurate news and are likely to associate any ads they see in the press as being more accurate or truthful than those in other media outlets. Another advantage to print media is that you have more room for a piece about your product or service that invokes a sense of trust with the reader.

Print Media Tips

  • Use long-form writing pieces that are based on facts
  • Make sure your images capture seniors’ attention
  • Make sure your ads are in a publication that is attractive to seniors (newspapers, bingo hall papers, cooking magazines, car magazines, etc.)

Email Marketing Strategy

Many data companies have email lists that help you target seniors turning 65, who are in the market for insurance, (or Medicare supplement insurance needs), consumers of certain products and other interests. These enhanced marketing lists can provide your company with more leverage in targeting the seniors most likely to respond to your message, product or offer. Along with the initial email sends, it is always a great idea to continually send emails to your current senior database about any product, promotions or updates you may have. This increases both recognition and recollection of your brand.

Senior Couple reading Marketing Emails

Email Marketing Tips

  • Send emails on a regular basis
  • Optimize your send time, based on data