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Add email lists to your postal lists with confidence

If you are looking to start a multichannel marketing campaign, our email append and reverse append helps you add email addresses to your current database.

With an email append, we take your consumer records and run them through our multiple databases. Once we find an email address to associate with your records, we verify this data is accurate and match them to your consumer records.

A reverse email append is the process of using email addresses of your customers to acquire their name and mailing address. At Mailing Lists Direct, we do this by matching their email address against our trusted databases.

We can also use our append services for your B2B records. We match your business emails against our millions of business postal records to get the names and addresses of your business contacts.

There are many benefits when it comes to email append and reverse append. Append services allow you to capitalize on the full contact information of your prospects. A reverse email append is a great way to add accurate names, phone numbers and postal address of your contacts. You will also benefit from the company and contact names and titles of your business prospects for your B2B marketing efforts.

Email append services allow you to build your email list faster and increase lead generation. Even if you don’t capture email address information on your website form fills, we can help you fill in the gaps with an email append.

Append and reverse append services allow you to take advantage of direct mail marketing to create a multichannel marketing strategy. By having postal and demographic information associated with your email records, you can launch a direct mail campaign targeting people for increased awareness and response.

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Download a database of qualified contacts within minutes and start connecting with customers.

Guaranteed Delivery

We guarantee a deliverability rate of over 95% on our records. All contacts are opted in and follow CAN-SPAM compliance.

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Reach potential customers from all over the country. Target by zip code, city, state and postal codes.

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Download your contacts instantly in a .CSV format for easy CRM integration. Just upload and start networking.

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Our quality email lists help our customers make B2B connections at a fair and affordable price.

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All of our lists are updated regularly and monitored by our team of data experts.