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Email has changed the way business owners interact with potential customers. Today, buyers can receive receipts via email, and businesses can send follow up messages to engage buyers—and create customer loyalty.

The bottom line: a responsive email list combined with a dynamic email marketing campaign can significantly grow your business.

With our targeted email lists, you can sell your services, promote your business, reach new customers, and provide valuable information to potential prospects. Email marketing helps you establish lasting relationships at a much lower cost than traditional marketing channels.

Find the right email list for your target market

You need high-quality b2b lists or consumer email lists that can reach a target audience who will respond to your offer. Mailing Lists Direct delivers. Our permission-based email lists have a stellar reputation for making email marketing campaigns successful. You can build your email list from a number of categories, including age, gender, buying patterns, email usage, hobbies, and more!

We scrub our email lists regularly to ensure they comply with the latest anti-spam rules. This means you get clean, permission-based lists that will get through spam filters. This means lower bounce rates for you and higher response from your email campaigns.

Mailing Lists Direct is a reputable email list provider. We will never sell email records that don’t meet required privacy or opt in email guidelines.

So tap into the power of email to grow your business. Call us today at: (800) 741-0116 to speak with an email marketing expert. You can also email us or submit a request detailing your email list needs. Or, access our online count and ordering system.

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