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Our farmers database and mailing list allows you to target individuals who own, operate, manufacture and sell products grown and produced on farms across America.

Many farm owners and operators have years of experience with running town farms and working in the agricultural industry. Farmers are responsible for feeding the world through the production of produce, grains, dairy, eggs, and meat. 

In order to be a successful farm owner and operator, these business owners keep up to date on new fertilization techniques, transplanting, insecticides, herbicides, irrigation, curing, crop rotation and new equipment to make their business successful.

There is increasing pressure on farmers to use ecologically-friendly techniques to raise crops and animals. Technological advancements help provide farmers with tools and resources to make their business more sustainable.

These farm owners and operators are responsible for developing management strategies and methods to keep their farm profitable, productive and eco-friendly.

In addition to producing crops, farm owners derive income from a number of additional sources, including selling produce and livestock, leasing fields to other farmers, and renting out their livestock or equipment.

Farm owners and operators purchase items such as farm equipment, fencing, cooling systems, feed systems, incubators, specialty lighting, cooling systems, feed systems, and other equipment.

Selections and Criteria Include:

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