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Membership Mailing Lists

The Membership Mailing List allows you to reach consumers who purchase subscriptions to clubs for various needs. These individuals often ship products to and from their home or office at specified intervals. They enjoy the convenience of receiving goods and products from all over the world on an ongoing basis. They enjoy sampling and the variety of goods the memberships offer. These memberships include products such books, wines, fine cigars, gourmet food, fruits, specialty meats, prepared meals, nuts and candies, cosmetics, music, movies, and jewelry. The Membership Mailing List includes transaction data per household accumulated from external sources such as catalog, retail, and the internet. You will receive information on the most recent purchase date for membership purchasers, the total purchase frequency in the past 48 months, the total dollars spent in the last 48 months, and apparel score derived from the consumer’s purchase activity to rank the likelihood to purchase again. Purchasers of the Membership Mailing List would include manufacturers, gourmet food and beverage providers, credit card issuers, travel agencies, jewelry designers, and home goods retailers and more.
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