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Achieve direct marketing success in three easy steps

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Direct marketing is one of the most effective tools to build your business—if it’s done correctly. The good news is developing successful direct marketing campaigns is easy if you take a few simple steps.

Whether you’re developing a traditional postal direct mail campaign (which, despite postage and printing costs, is still a very cost-effective channel with the right list) or you want to launch an email campaign, to be successful, you must send it to people who are interested in your products and/or services. These three steps will help you reach those interested customers.

1. Buy a good mail or email list

  • Do understand who your best customers are.
  • Do select a qualified mailing list provider.
  • Do work with your list supplier to develop an effective list.

2. Create a powerful offer that entices people to respond

  • Do make sure your offer is easy to understand.
  • Do offer something with high perceived value.
  • Do make it easy to respond.
  • Do offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Do repeat your offer, response options, and guarantee as often as possible.
  • Do minimize the restrictions on your offer.
  • Do remember that people love the word “FREE.”

3. Develop an appealing marketing piece

  • Do develop a mail piece (print or electronic) that reflects your company’s positioning and sales strategy.
  • Do develop a piece that reflects your brand.
  • Do use clear, short, descriptive sentences.
  • Do write with emotion using the first-person perspective (use you, your, me, mine, and ours).
  • Do personalize the piece.
  • Do identify with your readers’ needs.
  • Do tell a story, refer to a statistic, or quote a famous (or infamous) person.
  • Do describe the problems your product or service solves.
  • Do use a call to action—tell your reader what you want them to do.
  • Do include a deadline to respond to the offer.

Here are some suggestions from the experts at Mailing Lists Direct:

  • Select a qualified mailing list provider. Then work closely with them to develop the most effective prospecting list for your needs, budget, and audience.
  • Make sure your offer is clear, does not have too many restrictions, and has a high perceived value. And never underestimate the power of using words like “FREE”.
  • Make sure you repeat the offer several times throughout your marketing piece.
  • Whether you’re sending an email or postal mail piece, it should identify with the reader’s needs while reflecting your company’s positioning. Describe the problems your product or services solve.
  • Is your company considered high-end? Or do you cater to budget-minded customers? Your piece should reflect that.
  • Be sure to personalize the piece. Keep your copy simple, yet packed with emotion, using short and descriptive sentences. Address the reader as “you.” And remember that statistics, famous quotes, and testimonials will strengthen your message.
  • Finally, always include a deadline, plus a strong call to action telling readers how you want them to respond (web, email, telephone, mail and fax).
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Take these three steps for your next direct marketing campaign and see your response rates rise. If you need help, our experts can put together a campaign that yields outstanding ROI and ultimately helps deliver your message to the right customers!

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