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Combine online and offline marketing channels with our digital audeince targeting solutions

Our digital marketing solutions enable you to launch targeted and highly-responsive display, social and mobile marketing campaigns.

We start building your campaigns with offline, PII-based data attributes for maximum targeting effectiveness.

Using people-based marketing data, rather than anonymous device IDs, allows us to leverage robust offline and online behavior of your best customers. We identify highly-responsive prospects from over a billion digital profiles that enable you to launch a successful campaign.

Our highly-scalable consumer and business data assets include hundreds of targeting attributes.

Acquisition and Engagement Campaigns

Achieve the best results with a full combination of our online and offline medial options: display, email, social, direct mail and retargeting.

All of our consumer and business data sets are omnichannel targeting-enabled, allowing you to reach customers through every marketing medium.


WebID allows you to send direct mail to anonymous website visitors within 24-48 hours after leaving your site. Studies show that over 98% of website visitors leave without providing contact details. This unique service allows us to match 60%-70% of your anonymous website traffic to offline postal records.

From there, we develop algorithms utilizing visitor statistics such as pages visited, time on site and frequency of visit to determine which visitors should receive your offer.

Online Signals

Signals is the best way to target automotive prospects and allows you to reach in-market consumers in the final stages of the vehicle decision-making process.
We can help you target consumers who are visiting competing dealerships in real-time. Utilizing geo-fencing technology, we match mobile devices to our auto owners database complete with contact information, full demographics and vehicle-specific information, including VIN.

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The Best Campaigns Start with the Right Mailing List

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Download a database of qualified contacts within minutes and start connecting with customers.

Guaranteed Delivery

We guarantee a deliverability rate of over 95% on our records. All contacts are opted in and follow CAN-SPAM compliance.

Advanced Geo-Targeting

Reach potential customers from all over the country. Target by zip code, city, state and postal codes.

CRM-Ready Files

Download your contacts instantly in a .CSV format for easy CRM integration. Just upload and start networking.

Affordable Pricing

Our quality email lists help our customers make B2B connections at a fair and affordable price.

Accurate and Targeted

All of our lists are updated regularly and monitored by our team of data experts.