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Benefits of Buying Contact Lists

Buying a contact list is still a worthy investment in your company. Whether you are looking to purchase an email list, direct mail list, or append your current list. The returns that companies get from contact lists, far outweigh the costs. Today companies selling the lists are now enhancing contact lists with machine learning platforms, providing customers with a list of prospects with high intent to purchase.

What is a contact list ?

Contact lists are also known as “Book of business”, “Prospect list” and “Marketing lists”. They are lists of current clients and potential clients, usually containing addresses, phone numbers, names, email addresses and other business information. Lists like these are typically used by a sales team to either get current customers to purchase products again or to prospect a new client.

What are the benefits of purchasing a contact list?

  • New Prospects With A Higher ROI – You want your sales team to convert new leads and getting accounts to repurchase, not researching new prospects. This is why purchasing a list can save your company money, simply by providing a way for your sales team to better optimize their time to sell and not to research.
  • Higher Quality Leads Lists today are typically backed up by hundreds of data touchpoints, that indicate an inquirer’s level of intent to purchase. Meaning the contact lists produced by big data companies are more accurate than ever. However don’t be fooled, purchasing just a zip codes list will only yield those results versus purchasing a list where the data is backed up by intent data.
  • Get Clients Back – It’s often that a current client may change addresses, email addresses or phone numbers and reaching them can be rather difficult. This is why appending your contact list is vital to getting clients back. Return clients already know your brand and are more likely to purchase than new clients, making this a highly valuable contact list service.

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Types of contact lists

Business Contact Lists

For your B2B campaign, find the businesses that need you.

Search by employee size, sales volume, location type, standard industrial classification (SIC), franchise code, and many more.

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Consumer Contact Lists

Send your campaign to your ideal customers. Search lists by age, gender, lifestyle interests, education and more – you can choose from hundreds of demographic criteria.

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The Best Campaigns Start with the Right Mailing List

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Download a database of qualified contacts within minutes and start connecting with customers.

Guaranteed Delivery

We guarantee a deliverability rate of over 95% on our records. All contacts are opted in and follow CAN-SPAM compliance.

Advanced Geo-Targeting

Reach potential customers from all over the country. Target by zip code, city, state and postal codes.

CRM-Ready Files

Download your contacts instantly in a .CSV format for easy CRM integration. Just upload and start networking.

Affordable Pricing

Our quality email lists help our customers make B2B connections at a fair and affordable price.

Accurate and Targeted

All of our lists are updated regularly and monitored by our team of data experts.