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Children’s Apparel Buyers Mailing Lists Reaches Consumer Purchasers of Children’s Fashions

Children’s Apparel Buyers Mailing Lists and email lists connect you to the men and women who shop for kid’s clothing. These individuals are both men and women–moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, cousins, relatives and friends. They purchase clothing as gifts for special occasions such as birthday’s and holiday’s. These files not only offers major selects, but also allows a variety of specific industry selectivity. The files contain information about what clothing items these consumers purchase as well. They are excellent prospects for retailers and upscale fashion offers. Choose from the following apparel buyers mailing lists:

This mailing list includes the information on buyers from small to major retail facilities. These buyers are well versed in infant, baby, and toddler apparel as well as the clothing industry in general.

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Children are extremely active and these consumers purchase children’s apparel for all areas of a child’s life including apparel for school, sporting events, church functions, club meetings, or camping.

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Use these mailing lists for offers related to fashion designers, fabric manufacturers, apparel manufacturers, fashion show coordinators, credit card issuers, travel coordinators, trade show coordinators and more.
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