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Reach Prospects Who Purchase Books

Our Book Buyers Mailing Lists allow you to reach consumers that purchase books for personal reading pleasure and business use. These consumers purchase books online, in book stores, smart phones, or through their e-reader devices. Items purchased include hardback, paperback, textbooks, and reference books for use in their daily lives. For leisure reading, these consumers purchase horror, romance, best sellers, westerns, sci-fi, suspense, non-fiction, fiction, fantasy, adventure, mystery novels. Textbook purchases would consist of everything from mathematics to literature to the Sciences. Business owners would utilize books that provided instructional information such as software application or purchase books as reference materials as in a law library. Choose a list of catalog buyers, mail-order buyers and more. These lists may be segmented in a myriad of ways to deliver the individuals you are trying to target. Our Mailing lists include both postal and email addresses.

Purchasers of these files include e-book reader providers, credit card suppliers, book clubs, furniture providers, reading enhancement providers, textbook suppliers and much more.

Choose from the following Book Buyers Mailing Lists:

The Online and Retail Book Buyers Mailing List allows you to reach and market to consumers who purchase books through multi-channel avenues such as catalogs, retail stores, and the internet.

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The Online and Retail Magazine Buyers Mailing List allows you to reach consumers who purchase magazines online or through retail outlet sources.

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