New Borrowers Have Disposable Income

Alesco’s Weekly New Borrower mailing list allows you to reach consumers with increased buying power due to a home refinance or new equity line of credit.

Consumers who have recently refinanced their home or obtained a home equity loan have greatly enhanced their buying power for goods and services. With Alesco’s New Weekly New Borrower mailing list, merchandisers and service providers will have the most current data to market to prospects with their offers. Whether consumers are using their new source of wealth for home furnishings, property renovations, college, or vacations, these new borrowers will need products such as clothing, lawn services, room additions, vehicles, tuition, home repairs, and investments. Take advantage of true multi-channel contact opportunities with current residential address, email address, and telephone numbers available weekly with this data.

Purchasers benefiting from Alesco’s New Borrower mailing lists include banking institutions, landscaping services, home insurance providers, debt consolidators, credit card issuers, automobile manufacturers, travel agencies, home furnishing providers, appliance manufacturers, outdoor garden suppliers, education providers, contractors, security system providers, and more.

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