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Visa Gold Card Holders Mailing List

Reach Visa Gold Card Holders

The Visa Gold Card Holders Mailing List allows you to reach consumer and business card holders that use Visa Gold to purchase items for individual and corporate use.

In addition to purchasing goods, services, travel, and vacations with the standard Visa, Gold card holders provide individual consumers and business owners with upgraded services. While traveling, gold cardholders would receive roadside assistance and overseas travel assistance, auto rental insurance, and overseas travel assistance. The Visa Gold credit card establishes credit for consumers and cover large unexpected costs and repairs. They enjoy the other benefits of card holder services such as emergency card replacement, lost luggage reimbursement, emergency cash disbursement, purchase security, and domestic travel assistance. Visa Gold credit card holders would purchase apparel, dining, major appliances, vehicles, auto accessories, furnishings, household goods, landscaping products, and online retail products. Hotel establishments, car rental agencies, and airlines accept Visa to accommodate business as well as personal travel expenses.

Purchasers of this mailing list would include high-end retail outlets, travel agencies, restaurants, airlines, sporting events, direct marketing agencies, concert providers, car rentals, online retail sites, and the hospitality industry.

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