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Reach Political Party Donors

The Political Donors Mailing List allows you to reach individuals who donate money or resources to their political affiliation of choice.

Consumers who donate money and often their time do so to get their political candidate elected or re-elected to office whether that be for the Presidency, the Senate, House of Congress, Governor, or Mayor. These individuals donate money to support political parties such as Democrat, Republican or Non-partisan. Consumers who make political donations stay current on all political issues and will go to a voting booth to vote during local and national elections. These political donors typically have buying power with disposable income for generous donations. They will purchase items such as patriotic décor, political magazine subscriptions, novelty items, bumper stickers, clothing, and jewelry to support their political affiliation.

Purchasers of the Political Donors Mailing List would include department stores, clothing stores, home décor, retail outlets, credit card issuers, magazines, electronics manufacturers, novelty stores, software providers, and charities.

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