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Photofinish Laboratories Mailing List

Reach Photofinishing Companies Across the Country

The Photofinish Laboratories Mailing List allows you to reach laboratories, companies, and decision makers engaged in photofinishing.

By means of chemical processing, photofinish laboratories develop film to produce an image on photographic paper. Professional and amateur photographers use these laboratories to develop their pictures and prints. Many photofinish laboratories now offer additional services such as developing photographic prints on calendars, mugs, computer mouse pads, scrapbooks, and magnets. Employees in photofinish laboratories would use film, air compressors, heat presses, printers, trimmers, ink, paper, cleaning supplies, chemical handling supplies, eye wash, mixing equipment, safety glasses, aprons, sensor cleaners, brushes, film racks, film extractors, gloves, and lamps in the course of their work.

Purchasers of the photofinish laboratories would include film manufacturers, calendar manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, printing suppliers, safety wear providers, ink suppliers, photographic paper suppliers, lighting providers, camera equipment providers, and scrapbook suppliers.

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