Which Marketing Channels are Best for You?

Can you believe we’re already into the third quarter? Time flies when you’re developing and deploying direct marketing campaigns. But this is the time of year for marketers to take a step back and assess what has been working, and what to budget for next year. And that means asking which marketing channels are best for you.

Marketing Channels and What They Do For You

A recent survey asked marketers which channels perform for different marketing goals. The results clearly show that a multichannel approach to your marketing is key to making the most impact with any of your campaigns.

Which marketing channel will meet your goals?

How do you interpret this into your marketing planning? Well, for example, if you want to create awareness for your brand, or even specific products, search marketing, online display ads, and your website are the best channels.

Once your prospects know about you, the best way to generate ongoing interest is via email marketing and social media.

Finally, you are ready to close the deal. Your website and email marketing again come into play here, and can convert prospects into customers.

If you study the chart, then the fact that a good website and an email marketing plan are top of the list has not escaped you. The key is, though, that you need to do both right. One thing this particular study doesn’t measure is content. No matter what channel you use, you will have better results if your message is targeted and speaks directly to a pain point your clients feel. People want to know you understand their needs. That means you can’t just put up a website that doesn’t answer customers’ questions and you can’t just send out emails saying “hi.” Both take strategic planning and an understanding of your customers and their buying behaviors.

Chances are, your website is already rocking. But do you have a solid email marketing strategy in place? Summer is a good time to put together a plan for the next six months…and really it’s fun to do!

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