There are three keys to any successful direct marketing program in your financial services practice: the list, the offer, and the timing of Financial Offers. All three have equal importance in getting the highest response rates possible.

Timing matters because customers act at the moment when they need something. Not before, not after, but when they need it. So timing your programs to coincide with times of need for specific products and services is critical. And with millions of data records showing exactly when customers purchase different financial services, figuring out these dates is not guess work.

Alesco Data produced an e-book about the “Best Time to Market” to help financial services companies determine when to roll out direct marketing campaigns. The guide also looks at the maturity and average weighted lifetime of specific financial products. Using this information, you can create targeted campaigns when customers need specific products. For example, student loans offers perform well in January and February while April and July are good times for insurance offers. Use this calendar to plan your financial offers direct marketing program and see you response rates soar.

Financial Offers Marketing Calendar
Financial Marketing Calendar

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