Direct mail marketing is a legitimate way of trying to sell a business product but one small lender company went too far.

A reverse mortgage lender which portrayed itself as Government Loan Division, UCL was recently discovered by NBC 12 in False Foreclosure notices.

Edie Bennett, who received the direct mail piece which said that a reverse mortgage could prevent her home from being foreclosed on, was already current on her mortgage. During an interview with NBC 12 she stated “I’m not delinquent and I’m not facing foreclosure.”

According to NBC 12, the name of the company portraying itself as Government Loan Division, UCL, is United Capital Lenders. US Department of Housing and Urban Development data shows the lender is based in Southampton, PA and doesn’t have a large reverse mortgage division. The company endorsed 18 HECMs in 2009 and only 3 so far in 2010.

NBC 12 On Your Side contributed to this story.

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