Marketing to customers can be done in numerous ways nowadays, but most businesses still stick to the traditional form of sending advertisements through the mail. Some will send a coupon, some will send an ad, and others will send a postcard. Chances are, you will open up your mailbox, and three times out of five you’ll find some sort of advertisement from a business. But just how do these businesses get your address anyway? They use what is called a mailing list. These lists allow businesses to mass market to a large number of people.

What is a Mailing List?

The name is pretty self explanatory, because a mailing list is just that, a list of mailing addresses. The list is made up of a specific group of people that a business can target their marketing to. For example, the list could be of everyone who purchased a certain product in the last six months. A lot of the time it is simply people all within a certain location. No matter what it is, the mailing list will have one or more specific traits that pertain to every single person on that list.

How Are These Lists Compiled?

For the most part, these lists are made from customers who have purchased from a company before, or who have signed up for a promotional card or discount. Also, if you purchase things online, they will save the shipping address and use it in the mailing list. Businesses can purchase these mailing lists to use. Sometimes, customers will voluntarily be added to the list when they are asked if they would like their address on the list for future mail regarding new product information.

Why Would a Business Want One?

A business wants a mailing list so that they can find a specific group of people and easily market to them. It gives them a better chance of actually getting customers to purchase from them or use their services. If these people have qualities that lead the company to believe the product or service would be of benefit to them, then it makes for a higher chance of a sale. A business would definitely want to use a mailing list like this, because it can be so beneficial.

Other Reasons for Mailing Lists

Although marketing is the main reason for a mailing list, it’s not the only one. A mailing list is actually good for getting news out to customers, such as for a product recall. This would be important information to send out to certain people, such as to all parents for a recall for baby products. That is why mailing lists are extremely useful for safety reasons such as this.

Are There Other Types of Lists?

Mail is not the only form of a list like this. Email addresses are compiled in the same way home addresses used to be. If you frequently receive advertisements in your email, it is most likely because your email is on a mailing list like this.

A mailing list is a great way for businesses to get advertisements out there. Whether it be via snail mail or email, only a specific group of customers who are highly likely to purchase the products will be given advertisements. Chances are they will see the ads, be interested, and at least end up visiting the place where it can be purchased. They may not come home with the specific product that the company was advertising, but perhaps something similar. These lists will continue to be used as they work so well for companies who use them for marketing.