OTTAWA, CANADA – In a recent survey conducted by it was shown that many small business owners are seeing the beginnings of a turnaround in the current economic climate and expect revenue growth. Even though the recession has been a challenge for businesses of all sizes, small business who rise to the challenge and increase their spending on effective marketing actually expect an increase in revenue.

The report is entitled, Small Business Marketing Health Check and is available as a free download from

A total of 46% of respondents to the survey said that they anticipate an increase in revenue growth while a total of 32% said that they expect a decline in revenue and 22% expect revenues to remain more or less flat.

The report shows that:

Of the 46% of small businesses who anticipate revenue growth:

Of the 32% of small businesses who anticipate revenue decline:

The report also shows a correlation of revenue growth with marketing spending:

The report gets into more detail about how small business are positioning themselves in the marketing arena. They are positioning themselves stronger growth in 2010 through the use of web-based marketing tools. Small businesses are shifting more of their marketing efforts from traditional media to Web-based options.

Email marketing, when used in combination with social media (Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, blogs and discussion boards) are growing in popularity and effectiveness. These new marketing tools are generally less expensive to use than traditional marketing initiatives (print advertising, direct mail and mailing lists).

A small investment can help a small business to significantly boost their marketing reach and return. With both email marketing and social networking on the rise, companies should consider how they can integrate the more impromptu nature of social media with more structured nature of email marketing campaigns. the value of both methods can be significantly increased with intelligent and well planned integration.

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