Why Marketing to New Movers Matters

When a person moves—whether they are a homeowner or a renter—they need to find new places for all of their lifestyle activities, from gyms to dry cleaners to dentists. They also need household furnishings and appliances, home-improvement offers, utilities, insurance, local retail stores, banks, credit card organizations, catalogs, fundraising and restaurants. New movers need everything, and they are eager to establish relationships with local businesses they can trust.

Are New Movers Really a Good Market Segment?

Marketing to new movers put your business in front of the newest customers in your community. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 40,000,000 people in the U.S. move each year—a little more than 14% of the population. Where did these people move? The numbers break down like this:

There are two key things to note from a marketing perspective:

  1. The number of people moving means your direct mail list gets stale quickly. You need to keep your list fresh by capturing new movers.
  2. 14% is a large number of new prospects that can represent a significant amount of new business if you can capture them before your competitors do.

These two factors make new movers an attractive target population to reach, no matter what type of business you have.

Here are few more facts about the people who move each year.

With targeted marketing to new movers in these demographic categories, you can reach new prospects who are likely to become loyal customers.

Introduce Your Business Before Your Competitors

Most new movers are unfamiliar with local service providers, and they are unlikely to have a network of friends who can refer them. With a well-timed direct mail piece, you can capture their attention when they really need you.

Learn how to build a new movers mailing list and filter it with other demographics to design your campaign. Before you know it, you’ll be generating quality new leads and growing your business.


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